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by Osmond Collins

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About the Author

Osmond Collins, born in Jamaica West Indies, is a singer, songwriter, recording artist and author. Osmond’s first published book is a novel called “COIL PEOPLE”. His second book was an encouraging book called “I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE” the book that in his words saved his life.


Osmond has written several other books each one designed to provoke his readers in some way to move positively toward their future. He however considers this book to be among his best writings so far where it will accomplish what he believes is a major part of his purpose in life, cause the human kind that he loves so much to transcend from a place of lack to a place of abundant life.

Even as a young child he was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with anyone and everyone who would listen. "Since then, I've progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories and sharing them with much larger audiences". As a professional storyteller, He is adept at using his imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring his stories to life in engaging and entertaining ways.​

He has always been enthusiastic about great writing, and couldn’t be happier to have turned his passion into a thriving career as a professional Author. "With digital and online technologies continuing to disrupt the print industry, it's important to provide an accessible place where I can connect with a wider audience". Here you will find samplings of his work, ranging from published stories to more personal pieces, which I invite you to explore and enjoy below.

Osmond Collins

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